Friday, December 28, 2012

December 27, 2012 ~ The Visit

Here's Billy playing in the costume bin.

Why is the car there? Well, Billy has decided that our tv room is a drive-in movie theater. To watch a movie he has to sit in his car. It's terribly cute, and yes I tried to get a picture of him watching Cars in his Big Red Racecar but so far they don't really look like anything and if I get up to get a better angle he gets out to see what I'm up to.

Anyways, we had over A and J for dinner (and their parents of course).

Billy showed off his new toys. Ate the melon and prosciutto and other goodies I put out and had a merry old time.

Santa had left presents under the tree for A and J. They are Jewish, but just because Santa doesn't stop at their house, doesn't mean that Santa doesn't have presents for Jewish friends too. Billy wanted to open those two gifts on Christmas morning, but I explained that since they don't have a Christmas tree, Santa had to leave them at our house.

So they came over for a little post-holiday party and to open gifts. We were at their house for Hanukkah so we got to share traditions, which was lots of fun.

We all had a lovely time and the kids wore each other out so that by the time bedtime rolled around, all of the kids passed out. Now, that's my kind of party.

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