Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 21, 2012 ~ The Ultimate Toddler Mine

Billy is in the "mine" phase. He sees something that he wants, and regardless of actual ownership, claims "mine!" and wants it immediately. Yesterday he offered Daddy his last yogurt bite (snack candy), not realizing it was the last one in the bowl. When he did realize, Daddy had already swallowed it. Too bad. Billy decided it was "mine!" and demanded it back. Good luck with that little man.

Today I had to change the crib sheets so we were playing in his room. As usual, I made a pile of his crib  loveys on the floor. He has a bunch in the crib as any given time, so it's easier to change the sheets if I remove them all.

Well, that started Billy in on a pillow pile- an old game we play. But Pillow Pile suddenly became a new game. "Mine! Pile".

He gathered all of his loveys from around the room and all of his books from his bookshelf into the middle of the floor, climbed on top of the pile and proclaimed, "Mine!"

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