Friday, May 25, 2012

May 25, 2012 ~ What I Did With My Day Off

7:22  Alarm goes off. Attempt to sleep in.

7:28  Billy starts crying.

7:32  Daddy asks if I want him to get Billy up, aka I need to be up in 5 minutes to make breakfast. No thanks. Sleeping in.

7:36  Billy quiets down.

7:45  Daddy comes in to ask question. Remind him again I still have the day off. Attempt to sleep in. Again.

7:55  Daddy comes in to tell me he's leaving and I have to get up to wait for the roofer who is, now, one hour late for his appointment.

7:56  Give up on sleeping in. Get up and get Billy up too. Go about our normal morning routine.

8:35  Call Doctor to make appointment for Billy. Suspect an ear infection.

8:45  Ready to go to daycare, but continue to wait for the roofer.

9:00  Give up on the roofer and go to daycare.

9:15 Drop Billy at Daycare.

9:30 Arrive at Old Navy to buy swim trunks for Billy since the pool opens this weekend. Have a coupon. Pick up an outfit for myself- mother's prerogative.

10:15 Pick up Billy from Daycare to take to doctor's.

10:30 Have appointment with Doctor. Billy has a raging ear infection. Shocker.

11:00 Drive Billy back to Daycare.

11:10 Call Daddy to tell him about the ear infection.

11:15  Go to Sam's Club to drop off the prescription. They don't have it. Effing son of a monkey's mother.

11:17  Call Doctor and get him to send prescription over to the pharmacy at his office. Contemplate why I didn't just wait there for it.

11:45 Finish buying all of the groceries and baby products we needed from Sam's that Daddy forgot to buy when he was there two days ago. Came home with 50lbs of sausage instead of diapers.

12:00 Drive back over to the doctor's. Remember that I've had to pee for an hour.

12:15 Drive home before the groceries bake in the car.

12:30 Unpack melty groceries. Actually pee.

12:40 Change from cloudy chilly morning outfit to holy crap it's hot afternoon outfit.

12:45 Eat breakfast. Krispie Kremes. Yum. Reheated coffee. Um.

1:00  Vacuum. Had to be done.

1:20  Attempt to finish Buddy's haircut that I started last week. The clipper died and I took it apart to repair it- apparently not so successfully. Make a mental note to buy new clipper. Lament over Buddy's half-haircut.

2:00 Run errand to Rite Aid.

2:20 Run errand to Home Depot.

3:00 Pick Billy up from Daycare for the LAST time today.

3:30 Play with Grandma and Billy in the backyard.

5:30 Finally meet with the roofer.

6:30 Feed Billy dinner.

8:00 Put Billy to bed.

8:15 Blog.

And now?

To finally sit down. Just kidding- I've got stuff to do. I guess it's true...a Mom's work is never done.

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