Sunday, January 1, 2012

December 31, 2011 ~ Happy New Year!

First off, I would like to apologize for not having posted earlier. I was up all night, but unlike most people who were up all of last night drinking, I was up with a sick baby and I'm a sick Mommy too.

Billy is getting a new molar and is a miserable little soul. That tooth is torturing him. He also has the Daycare Plague, this one with a bad cough that keeps him awake, aka not getting enough sleep. So, he was very unhappy and fussy all morning. I didn't think that we would be going out at all for the evening's festivities given his mood.

He wasn't in a people mood, either. We had friends over for lunch and after awhile he started saying "bye,bye". He was trying to get them to leave. But, he got part of a burrito that my friend so kindly shared with Billy, and that changed his mind for awhile.

He did get a decent nap in and I made him take quiet time later in the day, hoping to improve his mood. Of course, I am also feeling miserable from the Daycare Plague. My version comes with nasal inflammation, so I cannot breathe and can't sleep because I can't breathe.

Well, he was in better spirits after dinner so we decided to take him to a party. They had a very lovely set up with piles of candles on the coffee table and bowls of food laid out. Of course, Billy tried to set a few things on fire, nearly knocked all of the candles over and basically found every bit of their house that isn't toddler-proof. Daddy and I didn't really get to enjoy the party because we had to chase or hold him the whole time to keep him from burning their house down. Once Billy's good friend, T, was tired though, we headed over to T's parent's house.

Our good friends invited us to come over for a much quieter party at their house for those of us with little ones. Their T is a very good friend of Billy's, and Billy is used to sleeping at their house because we are there often enough. The boys played until almost 11, wound up from the first party, excited to see each other. Billy is in awe of T, who is two years older. Billy wanted to do everything that T did. When we put Billy down for the night he didn't want to go and he could hear T playing and getting ready for bed. It took a long while to get him to settle.

We stayed until 2, ringing in the new year quietly, we parents. After enough partying, Daddy and I brought Billy home to sleep in his own crib. Only, the coughing fits started and he was up all night in misery. I couldn't sleep anyway, so I rocked him gently and soothed him. Here's to a quick end of this round of the Daycare Plague.

Happy New Year and here's to 2012!

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