Friday, January 6, 2012

January 6, 2012 ~ Angry Billy Belly

Poor little guy. He's having a terrible day.

When he woke up there was a big mess. Let's just say...he was wearing footed pajamas. I"ll stop there.

At 11am I got a call from daycare. He threw up the entire contents of his belly. They sent home a bag of his soiled clothes. His shoes were in that bag. Yeah. That bad.

When he got home this evening he was not a happy camper. I plied him with crackers, cheese and a sippy each of milk, water and juice. What he really wanted was Cheerios. He pointed to the box until I got it down for him. Then he shoveled handfuls of the little o's into his mouth.

Normally, I push nutrition with the little guy, but I know when I'm not feeling well there are very few things that I can handle eating. Actually, I usually can only stomach Utz Ripple chips. Whatever works, right? So if Cheerios make him full and content, then I'm not going to worry about nutrition today. I didn't even bother with dinner. He ate so many Cheerios that dinner would have just gone to waste.

He was an unhappy camper, but it wasn't all bad. He laid on the floor while i rubbed his back and he giggled the whole time. I also coated him in kisses and gentle tickles and that got me smiles and laughs.

In college I was in a group called Clowns For Medicine. Maybe you remember the movie Patch Adams about a true story? The group was founded by a student of his. The motto: Laughter is the best medicine. I go with this theory. So when he doesn't feel good, it's my job to make him laugh. Doesn't matter how- tickles, toys on my head or teasing the dog. I got him laughing and by bedtime he was his old self and wanted to stay up.

I have no doubt, however, that Billy's belly is still angry with him. I just hope that it forgives him soon.

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