Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 2, 2012 ~ Let's Haul Some Dog

No matter how much you love your kids, when they are whining their heads off for no reason at all you sometimes just want to kick their bum. Billy is still very tired and sick with the Daycare Plague. I think he may be working on a tooth as well, but there's no sign of it yet. Regardless, he was extra fussy today.

By mid-morning he started with his new habit of crying when I put him down AND crying if I hold him for more than a minute (squirming to get down to get a toy). Any rational adult will see that I cannot hold him for less than a minute without putting him down. After a half hour of this I explained to him that this is the kind of behavior that signals to me that he needs quiet time and took him to bed. It was too early for nap, but he got some quiet time with his lovies and was a happier baby for awhile.

Billy showed off his new love of bibs to Grandma when she came over today. He can now put the bibs on himself and insists that he be wearing one while in the highchair, even if eating something like cheerios that aren't messy. I wish I could say that it's him trying to keep clean, but really it's that he likes hiding food in the pocket.

In the late afternoon Billy, Daddy and I went to Wal-Mart to get some storage supplies. Enter the return of Fussy Baby. He got so angry that he threw his binky on the floor in a fit of rage and broke it in half. Yes, irreparably damaged. And...it was my favorite binky! Now I have to go to Babies'R'Us to buy a new one. He cried all through Wal-Mart, in the grocery store for a quick run, picking up carry-out dinner and the whole car ride to each of these places. Luckily, I brought a back-up binky and a back-up back-up binky so we managed to keep him quiet part of the time.

When we got home he got dinner and afterwards was happy as a clam with his new toy...


Billy, that's not really a toy. He hauled it around with two binkies and a dog bone for the better part of an hour.

Then Daddy had the great idea to put Buddy in the toy tote. Buddy gets a hug for playing along.

Then Daddy had the great idea that Billy should haul Buddy around in the giant toy tote.

Here's Billy hauling the 40lb dog in a giant tote. I'm impressed that Billy could pull that much weight. Daddy did have to help with a gentle push here and there, but Billy was able to do it on his own.

You would have thought with all of this exercise that Billy would be whipped and ready for bed, but he managed to stay up an extra 45 minutes past bedtime even though he was in his crib. He kept asking to go back to play and if not to cuddle. After 45 minutes I informed him no more cuddles, no more play, just sleep. He's sleeping. Phew!

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