Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 3, 2012 ~ Daddy's Devil Grin

If you've met Daddy, then you probably know that he has a boyish devil-may-care grin that let's everyone know he's up to no good. Now, when I say "up to no good", usually he's hatching a plan to go on an adventure, stir up some fun at a party or say something silly. It's the boyish charm that melts hearts and causes ladies to swoon.

Billy has his Daddy's Devil Grin and he knows how to use it.

This isn't a good photo of it, even if his eyes are "devilish". That little smirk comes and goes so fast I can't get it on film (or pixels...whatever.)

Today Billy would put on that Devil Grin and then throw food at Billy. We kept yelling at him to stop, but he decided he was just too gosh-darn-cute to stop. I have to admit, he was making me laugh so hard I had difficulty punishing him. He smile that smile, give a little giggle and then, "Whoosh!" Away goes the food.

In the bath he broke out the Devil Grin again. He wanted to drink the bath water by dipping his head into the bath and lapping it up. He thought this was just too funny and would come up laughing. I yelled at him to stop (mind you- not "yell" but "acknowledge bad behavior"). I kept trying to get him to stop, but he just knew that he was so cute and causing harmless trouble.

Great. Now, not only do I have to combat Daddy's Devil Grin. Now I have to avoid succumbing to Billy's Devil Grin too!

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