Friday, January 6, 2012

January 5, 2012 ~ Box of Buns

Billy started his morning by being woken up early so I could take him to the doctor for a wellness visit. Those are the routine check-ups every few months, in case you don't know the lingo.

He doesn't mind going to the pediatrician's office, he's been there so many times. But, he's learned. As soon as I stripped him down he started grabbing me like a monkey. He knew what was coming. The second I laid him on the table for the nurse to take his length measurement he started screaming, thinking that the later part was here. Nope. First, the doctor had to check up him out. He's in great health. Tall and skinny. Developmentally on track, more maybe a little ahead. But, we of course, have to come to the part he knew was inevitable: the shots.

It took two of us to hold him down so he could get his three shots. Poor guy. I hate shots. He has no idea what we're doing to him. I at least know what's going on when I get a shot. Must be so much scarier not to understand.

So the doctor told me that he should have 3-5 words. Let's review the words he knows and says:

Bubbub (Buddy)
Gammall (Grandma)
caca (cracker)
cock (quack)
nana (banana)
baabaa (bottle or sippy)
yay-yo (yellow)
hey-yo (hello)
bye bye
sock (learned today)

I think this might be a bit more than 5.

He also has a new word that I am not sure of the meaning. Manya. When he waves he sometimes says Manya. Comment if you have a clue what this means. He says it without prompting.

Daddy and Billy went to the grocery store after school so I was home before them. When they got home it was dinnertime so I immediately plopped Billy in his chair and gave him food. Daddy tried to get him to eat some pasta salad (he loves pasta usually). But he spit it out and gave his "yuck" face.

Ah, but Mommy has a plan. I showed him just how much I LOVED the pasta salad. Ok, it's a decent salad, but not THAT good. Nevertheless, I played it off. And what do you know? He decided he liked it and ate it up. Ha ha! Mommy 2, Billy 0 (Let's not forget the raspberries that are now his favorite, which he hated last week.)

After dinner I got him dressed for bed, including his new bathrobe (too cute!) and we played in the den. I brought in the box of his grilling set (grill not included) and set up a little plastic picnic on the coffee table. No Go. Nope. BUT... the box of buns was a big hit. No joke. A cardboard box filled with plastic hamburger buns. Yep. Not even the box the stuff came in- it's a clamshell shoebox that I repurposed. Apparently, nothing's more fun than a box of buns. When he accidentally spilled the contents, he laughed at himself, picked up the pieces and hauled around his box of buns some more.

Never underestimate a box of buns.


  1. Anyone at his daycare speak spanish? Is he trying to say mañana?

  2. We think he might be trying to say the name of his daycare lady. I don't think he's getting Spanish at school. I teach him some at home, but only words for objects. Good thought, though!