Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Sunday Post ~ Workman Tool Bench Review

Buy it here.

This is a fabulous toy and worth every penny. The best part? It's not very expensive.

The work bench comes with three power tool plus three more tools and interchangeable heads for the screwdriver, including a chisel attachment. It also comes with screws and bolts with drawers to contain them.

The power tools? A nail gun, a lathe and an electric screwdriver. (All of which work straight out of the box). The nail gun lights up and makes extra noises when the trigger is pulled. The lathe with the baseball bat on it is mounted to the bench and has an on off switch.

It also has extra storage for the other tools and work toys that you already own.

This is a great bench. Our son absolutely loves this toy. It has provided hours and hours of fun for him already. It has lots of different toys to play with to keep him occupied.

My only recommendation? Get some earplugs... for yourself. The power tools are loud- as they should be!

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