Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October 23, 2012 ~ The Costume Bin

The time had come for me to dig through the costume bin. It's a yearly ritual. Halloween is a week away and I need a costume. The "bin" is four boxes of costumes, decorations and all things spooky.

In truth I had been through the bin last week trying to piece together my costume, but got called away (by Daddy) to deal with a tornado, aka our toddler.

So, again I was back at it. Last week I found all but one- that's right, one- piece to my costume. That required me digging through all of the boxes to find it.

This time I let Billy dig through the bin with me. He immediately took to the train engineer's hat, originally worn by Grandma as a girl. Next we found a rubber snake. I teased him with it. He thought that was awesome. Next up, a captain's hat. It was too big. There was also a cat in the hat hat which he tossed around. We found spiders and bones and ghosts and ghouls.

But his favorite was a little plastic cutlass. He picked it up and never put it down. Like any true pirate he found and hook and carried that around too. In the car, still holding the sword. Diaper change? Still holding the sword. Bedtime? He wouldn't give it up. Any good pirate sleeps with his sword, don't you know.

At the end of the night this was the full ensemble he decided would be his costume:

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