Monday, October 22, 2012

October 21, 2012 ~ The Lion That Lives on the Playground

Billy has a new game. You pretend to sleep, and then he attacks you with a pillow to wake you up. Sound like something he would do while cuddling? Well, yes probably. But, no. He invented this game while sitting on the sofa with Grandma. As soon as she would "wake up" he would grab her arm and tell her "Gan-ma, go sleep!" Then... attack!

After Grandma left we went to pick out pumpkins.

This isn't our usual place to go, but it's got free stuff for kids to do so we headed over there. He could have cared less about the hay maze. Wasn't interested in the pumpkins over 1000 pounds (of which there are three). Didn't scream in the haunted house. (Although he did jump a little when a ghost popped out).


It was all about the wagon. He didn't want to ride in it. He wanted to pull it around. And he did. Through the whole place. At one point it was loaded down with pumpkins and he still managed to pull it around, even up a small hill.

And after pumpkins we checked out Christmas. Oh yeah, they are full decorated for Christmas, train garden and all.

Then it was home to roast marshmallows with Cub and his parents. We did smores in the back yard with our fire pit. Billy wanted to sit in the same chair with Cub and was quite the little host, bringing Cub his apple cider and even wiping chocolate off of Cub's face.  We had a glow stick and a mini tent and the two boys got to play outside under the stars until well past their bedtimes, hyped on chocolate and marshmallows.

We adults roast Easter Peeps as well. So yummy. So wrong. There's nothing like skewering your favorite Easter candies and shoving them into a fire.

Sunday was a quiet day, since he was up so late the night before. The only thing we did was head on over to the playground.

The playground has some trees. I wouldn't even call it woods. Maybe a copse. More like a scattering of trees around the fields. But Billy apparently thinks that it's the jungle. And he's certain that a lion lives there. To be clear: it's just some trees. Not even a lion statue. Nothing. Just trees. But he roars to the lion that lives on the playground.

So beware. It's invisible. It's not real. But there's a lion that lives on the playground.

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