Monday, May 7, 2012

May 6, 2012 ~ A Grand Outing

Today was the big opening of Pierce's Park and I would like to congratulate my cousins on the park and all of their hard work. It's a beautiful space and a wonderful addition to downtown.

Mayor Rawlings-Blake gave a speech.

Then, Pierce's wife gave a speech.

A huge crowd was gathered for the ribbon cutting. Too many for me to get a good photo, so forget that. The speeches were given in front of the musical fence. Once the kids were allowed to go play Billy tried out the fence.

Notice the path. The bricks have homophones written on them.

Billy also loved the willow tunnel. He ran through it several times. ABC2News filmed him running through it and told me he would be in the news story, but the story only got a few seconds of airtime and the footage wasn't there. If they post it on their website I will post a link here.

Billy had a fabulous outing to the park. I think I would take him there regularly, if it weren't so far from home. But he really enjoyed it, so we'll be sure to go back.

At home Billy got to try out a new toy. Blogger has decided to be lame and not let me post any more pics into this post, so I'll post those later. We got him a water table for outside. He soaked himself, the deck, attempted to soak Buddy and dunked his head several times. My pasta pot even ended up in the water table as part of the fun. He giggled for an hour and kept himself busy and soaked the whole time.

He had a good day.

Woke up with a spider on my nose. Cooked lunch and dinner. Did 5 loads of laundry. Vacuumed the lower level. Took out the trash. Emptied the dishwasher. Separated his outgrown clothes and put them away. Cleaned up the kitchen, bedroom, Billy's room and den. Assembled his water table. Assembled Daddy's new sports caddy. Bought three new books. Attended the grand opening of Pierce's Park. Played with Billy. Blogged. Yeah, I think I'm going to go to bed now...

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