Friday, May 11, 2012

The Saturday Post ~ Mother's Day

This weekend I'm going to switch it up and do my Sunday post on Saturday.

Still looking for that awesome Mother's Day gift?

Here are some ideas. If you're young, go for the homemade cards and other homemade gifts. But if you're the Dad buying the gifts, think outside of the chocolates box. Moms work extra hard to make sure everyone is fed, clothed, living in a clean house and generally happy and healthy. Thank your Mom in a way that takes some of the everyday stress out of her life.

Here's what I would like:
That pile-o-dishes to magically wash themselves
That pile-o-laundry to magically wash, dry, fold and put itself away
100% clean house without me lifting a finger
Not wiping other people's butts for a day
A massage- for all of those attack hugs

But I'll take with gratitude the flowers Billy brought home for me today from school with a handmade card. It's all the thanks I need.

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