Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

To all the Moms, Moms-To-Be and other wonderful women, here's wishing you a happy and wonderful Mother's Day!

Today Billy got to try out his new slide from Grandma, a late Christmas present, since the stores were sold out of slides back in December. He was in such a hurry to try it out he barely let me put it together. Then I set it up in the yard and massive amounts of fun ensued.

So, the first couple of runs he was completely naked going down the slide. We had been playing with the water table and, well, soaked everything. So, he decided to go down on his belly, feet first. I think this was probably a very wise manly decision. I wouldn't know for certain, but seems that way. About the fourth time climbing the ladder, he stopped at the top and turned the slide into a water slide. Ok, quick! Grab the baby, fetch the cleaner and a fresh diaper and off to try again.

Second round he had a diaper on. I decided to sit and go down feet first. He flew so fast that his head fell back onto the slide and he flew off the end. Wow. That's a fast slide. Ok, time to HOLD the baby going down. So, I kept a hand on him the whole time and it worked out. Each time he landed with a thud on his bum, giggling from fun. Who doesn't love to slide?

So, from Billy to the super-most-awesomest-slide-buying-Grandma-in-Billy's-whole-world...

Happy Mother's Day!

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