Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 8, 2012 ~ Billy's First Field Trip

We went to the zoo.

Ok, there is only one word for a field trip involving and entire daycare. Zooey. And I'm not talking about the animals.

Before we even left the house Billy knew something was up and his entire routine was off. This devolved into two epic meltdowns, including one over Mommy's outfit. Apparently, he didn't like my shirt. I wore it anyway and the fashion police never showed, so it couldn't have been that bad.

I asked him what he wanted to see at the zoo. "Grandpop!" Well, already in for disappointment. I think Billy thinks Grandpop lives at the zoo. Grandpop usually refers to his house as the circus, not a zoo.

When we got to the zoo the keepers made up wait around a lot outside- I guess for head counts. For adults, this lined-up mass chaos is just boring. For a one-year-old it is excruciating. Bring on epic meltdown number three prior to ten a.m. The other kids in his class were melting down too. It's a little too much waiting for the Under Two Club.

But we finally made it into the zoo and walked around with his class. We did the petting zoo where a donkey tried to drink out of Billy's sippy cup. But he got to pet that same donkey while it licked his cup. No worries, Billy didn't drink after the donkey. He also got to pet some goats, and hug one very patient goat.

This pic would be the highlight. Billy got to ride a camel. He was all excited to get on it after another girl in his class went for a camel ride. But then we got on it and he was suddenly terrified. He started to whimper in fear, but I kept coaxing him to pet the nice Mr. Camel, who was letting us ride him. The funny thing was, when we got off the camel he talked on and on about it, all excited. I have no idea what he said, since most of what he says is unintelligible, but he was thrilled- after the fact.

Note to self: field trips with the Under 2 Club- pass.

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  1. The twins always did that thing with the wanting to do something or they would just die to being absolutely terrified of it to it being the coolest thing ever. They still do it. I may occasionally do it still myself...