Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 26, 2012 ~ 8 Grapes

The question? How many grapes can Billy shove in his mouth at one time?

The answer? 8 grapes.

I would have taken a picture of this very funny scene with Billy's cheeks stuffed like a chipmunk's, but I was too concerned about choking at the time. Despite the overwhelming amount of food in his mouth, he refused to spit it out. Instead, he struggled to prove that he could eat it all.

This is his new thing. If I give him Cheerios he cries when there aren't enough on his plate. There need to be enough for him to put an entire handful in his mouth. Same with sandwiches, plums, bananas, etc. He will put the entire thing in his mouth and then struggle to chew. It's a game.

So if you were wondering how many grapes can fit in a toddler's mouth without choking... 8 grapes.

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