Friday, January 27, 2012

January 27, 2012 ~ Sniffing Socks

Don't ask me why, but every day Billy has to inspect the socks that go on his feet. It's a morning ritual. I put him in the big brown chair or I choose to put them on him when he's trapped in his high chair. Either way, he has to inspect them before they go on his feet.

First he takes the folded socks and checks them out. Ok, then he hands them back to me to separate. I try to put one on his foot, but he has to hold it first. He looks at it. Then he sniffs it, an affront to my laundry abilities I'm sure. I promise, I have properly laundered all of his socks. But he will sniff them anyway.

Then he lays the sock over his foot as though it will magically jump on. Perhaps he should try some soap, like Peter Pan did when trying to attach his shadow. But no. If he lays the sock on his foot, then it has been approved for Mommy to put the sock on. The the sock is unapproved, then he will try to rip the sock off as soon as I put it on.

Once we've got socks, then we repeat the same procedure with the shoes. Except, he doesn't sniff his shoes. I guess socks get approved via the sniff test.

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