Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 21, 2012 ~ First Snowy Day ('12)

While Billy has seen snow before, he has no memory of it. For us adults, it's just more snow, albeit the first snowfall of the winter. For Billy, it's the first ever that he remembers. Only in photos will he be able to look back at those days.

This was taken exactly one year ago. Billy is so small he is not able to stand yet, or to sit without assistance. It's amazing what a year can mean in a life. Now he's walking talking. And on a different note, this photo shows my favorite coat which has since been ruined (thanks Buddy.)

So this morning when Billy woke up I took him straight to the window to see the white stuff all over the ground. He just stared and pointed, "oh, look!"

He finally got to try out his first snow suit and snow boots today. Daddy suited him up and took him out to shovel the drive. He ran around for awhile and then decided he wanted to help Daddy by using a broom. It was lying in the snow by the drive. He got down on the ground to pick it up, but realized the ground was so cold that he immediately started crying.

I walked him around outside for awhile, but that whole cold ting was just too scary for him. He'd had enough of his world being turned upside down freezing white. He did not like the snow.

Later I took him out again. He wasn't so sure, but I dragged him out. I showed him how to smash bits of ice on the drive, how to climb to the top of a snow pile (and be king of the pile) and how to jump and splash in the slush. Ooooooooooh. Now he gets it! A new toy. Snow is one giant big toy outside.

Unfortunately for Billy, when he wakes up the snow should be all gone. That's the way snow is around here. It comes; it goes. Then it will dump 4 feet in two weeks and stay around until April.

And in all likelihood, he won't remember the snowy fun when he was one. But I have the pictures to prove it.

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