Friday, January 20, 2012

January 20, 2012 ~ Fu Manchu, Man. Fu Manchu

It's Purple Friday again, so forgive me if I go all out today. If you have a website and your team is still in the running, then by all means go ahead and dress it up for the occasion.

This morning I got Billy all dressed in his purple onesie. Daddy and I both had our jerseys on to go to work. We've all got purple fever.

On the way out the door I grabbed Billy's Ravens ball cap to take to daycare. Every Friday I stick it in his bag and put it on him on the way in to daycare. I would just stick it on his head, but he hates hats and rips them off once in the carseat. Today, he saw it in my hand and grabbed it from me. Ten he tried to put it on his head himself. I did it for him and he did a little dance for me he was so excited.

In the carseat the hat fell off while I was buckling him in. He threw a fit right there until I put the hat back on him. He was not going to school without Purple Pride.

At work today we took a photo of everyone wearing purple. Since I work in an art studio I decided to be creative today. Well, to borrow someone else's creativity is more like it. At the game last weekend I saw a lot of people wearing purple felt Fu Machu mustaches. If I knew where they had gotten them I would have gotten one too. Why? Joe Flacco, quarterback extraordinaire, has a Fu Manchu mustache. So, I made a paper Fu Manchu for myself for the photo at work.

Then I brought it home.

While Billy thought me wearing it was hysterical, apparently the fashion statement is just too painful for him to bear. Since he refused to sit still for a Fu Manchu portrait, you'll have to settle for the next best thing...

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