Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16, 2012 ~ Doggy Dinner Billy Style

One of Billy's favorite family members it Buddy the Dog. Who wouldn't love the fuzzy and incredibly cute, mild-mannered puppy (of 11 years young)? Best yet, he barks and jumps up and down when Billy picks up one of his toys. Buddy is the best interactive toy a boy could hope for.

Well, Billy has decided he wants to help care for his favorite canine companion.

Now, since Billy could stand up he has helped me with putting Buddy out on the chain when Buddy needs to go out. Billy is responsible for looking out for the WackaWackas and the Zingaroos and to tell me if he sees one. Guess what? In all of the looking out he has done he has never seen one. Phew!

What really happens is Billy stands at the screen door while I go out to fetch the chain on the deck, allowing Billy to always be in my sight. It's a win-win.

Now Billy wants to help feed Buddy. Not just tossing his unwanted dinner from his high chair, but actually feeding Buddy his dog food. Poor Buddy who has to suffer the process of getting dinner from Billy. Here's what happens:

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