Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 17 ~ Three Syllable Success

This morning was the first time- the very first time ever- that Billy calmed waved "byebye Mommy" when I dropped him at daycare. No screaming. No running towards me. Nope. He just waved at me and said, "byebye Mommy". Will it last? We'll find out tomorrow.

When I got home this evening I found Billy and Daddy cooking dinner. Billy was standing on his stepstool against the counter and supervising dinner. Daddy was stirring the pot, naked from the waist up, dress pants still on, no shoes, no socks, but sunglasses. He apparently didn't want to get his dress shirt, under shirt, socks or shoes dirty while cooking. It was quite a funny sight. Daddy is silly like that sometimes.

I had just been to the store so I had some goodies with me when I came in. I put Billy in his chair and gave him some goldfish. I'm pretty sure he's had them at daycare, but I can't be certain. All I know is that this is the first time I have given him goldfish. You would have thought they were made of pure gold.

Also on his tray was a banana from daycare. He apparently really wanted some banana. So much so that he specifically asked for ba-na-na. Not na-na. But actually asked several times for ba-na-na. This marks the first time he has intentionally said a word with three syllables.

Of course, once the goldfish appeared he didn't want any more ba-na-na. He started begging for caca! (cracker.) You try saying it without any r's.

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