Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 14, 2012 ~ Purple Impaired

Not once since I started this blog have I missed a post. Nope, not once. Well, until today. I apologize. All I can say is that I was Purple Impaired.

It's an affliction sweeping the town. Many are affected. It's all-consuming and you soon forget everything else except: Purple Passion.

It started when Daddy bought playoff tickets. Yes, that's right. The UBER rare home play-off game tickets. I didn't stand a chance.

Saturday was consumed with preparation. Hey, you can't stand outside in 30 degree weather for 5 hours and not be prepared. Daddy went off to the store to pick up supplies and I prepped Billy for a day without his parents. I made all of his meals and got activities ready for Grandma to watch him while we went to the game. After he went to bed I laid out every warm piece of clothing I owned.

I was so excited that I clear plum forgot to post. That has never happened. I even remembered to post on Christmas. Yup, totally Purple Impaired.

Sunday morning I had the jitters- equal to the jitters I had on the morning of our wedding. Yes, that excited and nervous for the game. It's playoff fever and I've got it bad. I love football, but play-offs? OH YEAH.

So, my apologies. The good news? There aren't any more home play-off games. The bad news? There aren't any more home play-off games!!!!

The Star-Spangled Banner, played just minutes from where it was written 200 years ago!

At the game, decked out in purple.

Here come the players...


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