Friday, January 13, 2012

January 13, 2012 ~ Friday The (lucky) 13th

Lucky Billy!

Daddy got Indian for dinner- a Billy favorite. We made a picnic on the coffee table and all sat around in our purple (go Ravens!) eating Indian. Billy was shoving pakoras in his mouth like they were going out of style.

He loves spicy food. Bland is blah. It can't be too spicy, he has his limits, but he would rather his food be spicy. I sent to daycare white rice with butter and salt and pepper and he apparently didn't like it. They had to add more spice to get him to eat it. Can't blame him for liking things with flavor.

Or course, he refused to eat off of his plate. Daddy's didn't work, either. Only Mommy's plate will do. He ate most of my dinner- tiki masala. And during dinner he kept giving me big hugs and kisses and wanting to cuddle. It was very cute. And I have tiki masala all over my dress shirt now. Awesome.

He had a good day and now he's off asleep with a very full Billy belly.

I know a lot of people believe Friday the 13th is unlucky. Not in our house. It's always been a good day for us. Daddy and I had our first date on Friday the 13th of January many years ago. We also got engaged on Friday the 13th many months later. We laugh in the face of the fates.

So here's wishing you a lucky day!

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