Friday, January 13, 2012

January 12, 2012 ~ Don't Leave Mom!

Billy is in the clingy phase where he doesn't want Mommy or Daddy to leave. Now, he'll tell other people "byebye" when he's finished visiting with them...often long before Mommy and Daddy are ready for guests to leave. But every time I have to leave him, it's a fight.

Every weekday morning I drop Billy at daycare. This comes with the inevitable part where I have to leave. We've had to come up with a special routine at daycare to keep him calm. I bring him in and we say hello to all of the kiddies already there. Then I hand off his bag and coat to the ladies. At this point Billy knows what is coming and clutches to me with both his hands and his feet, shoes and all. He looks up at me and pleads, "don't leave me, Mommy!"

So, I sit on the floor and pull out some toys and we play on the floor, me in my winter coat with keys in hand. He clings to me, even when attracted by a toy. It takes multiple toys to distract him enough to pry myself from his fingers. Then, when he isn't looking I slip out the door. Sometimes, like today, he sees me and runs at the door screaming, "Mommy! Mommy!"

I always have an extra hug for him, but I can't prolong the process either. It disrupts the class and makes me late for work. I always promise to see him later, but today I had to work late so I didn't see him before bed. It's hard when I want to comfort him, but I also can't have him clinging to me all day and night.

Because he didn't see me this evening I'm sure he'll be extra clingy tomorrow. And I know as soon as I grab his coat in the morning to get ready to go he'll start crying, "don't leave me, Mommy!"

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