Monday, January 9, 2012

January 9, 2012 ~ Oh My Goodness, Daddy's Guinness

If you ask Billy, any bottle will do. In fact, anything that was originally Mommy's of Daddy's is clearly better than his. So, Daddy's (beer) bottle is clearly cooler than Billy's (milk) bottle.

A few months ago Daddy was foolish enough to sit his beer bottle down while he was grilling dinner. He turned his back for less than 30 seconds and Billy grabbed his bottle and tried to drink from it. Luckily, Daddy was right there and caught him before Billy got any. Daddy hasn't left any beer within reach since. Billy is also always after my soda cans. I don't drink beer. But he waits until I turn my back and goes straight for them. I guess he figures that if he can't have it, then it must be something good.

Daddy doesn't drink beer very often, but he had one tonight while cooking dinner. Of course, Billy wanted Daddy's bottle rather than his milk sippy or his water sippy. Since he was taking an interest in the bottle, Daddy decided to demonstrate how it can be a musical instrument. He took a sip and changed the pitch and tried again. Billy was fascinated by the strange noise, and a little trepidatious.

When it was empty Daddy gave the bottle to Billy to attempt to create the musical sound out of the bottle. Billy took the bottle and held it up to his nose for a long time, getting a good whiff of the former contents. Suddenly, he pushed the bottle away and turned up his nose.

After all that time of wanting Daddy's Guinness he finally had his hands on the bottle, only to realize he really didn't want it after all.

Our thoughts and prayers
go out to our Uncle Charles.
May you have a speedy recovery
and may your long road in the hospital pass quickly.

Much love from your family. 

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