Monday, January 23, 2012

January 22, 2012 ~ When Dogs Attack

This day has gone to the dogs... and it hasn't gone well.

First, there's the Ravens. This morning I taught Billy the Ravens' fight song, "Who Let The Dogs Out?" He liked the part where he got to sing, "who, who, who?" He chanted it over and over. But those dogs got leashed thanks to a crap kick.

In truth we didn't watch much of the game. We had some other dogs to deal with.

That's right. Billy was attacked by four mean canines. Don't worry, I'm not talking about canines like Buddy. These would be those four sharp teeth, all of which he cut this morning.

Cutting a tooth is an excruciating process. We're lucky that childhood amnesia prevents us adults from remembering the pain. Now, imagine that times four. Now you probably have an idea of his mood today.

He hurt so much that he couldn't even sleep during his nap, so basically skipped sleeping. That produced an even crankier baby than the morning brought.

Additionally, after the failed nap I noticed that he has hives.Yes, still has them. He didn't receive any food today that should be an allergen, so that left me with three other sources. First, a topical allergy. Second, a virus (he gets hives when he gets super sick with a fever- usually a day or two before). Third, that getting four teeth in 12 hours caused the hives.

In order to deal with the issue I first made sure that the rest of his meals for the day were simple foods that I was sure he had no allergy to. Then, after eating one of those meals, I bathed him and changed all of his clothes and diaper to ensure that those items were not the issue.

We don't know but we think Buddy might be the culprit. He had a hair appointment yesterday and came home smelling sweet and covered in canine chemicals. It's possible that Billy might be reacting to Buddy's hair products.

Dogs really did attack today.

It wasn't all bad, though. We had a real conversation today. He pointed to the chandelier and said, "I see that!" I told him its name. "What's that?" he asked. So I showed him how it worked and he was amazed, giggled and continued to jabber away in undecipherable words. But he's started to speak in short sentences and that's pretty cool.

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