Saturday, December 17, 2011

December 16, 2011 ~ Not A Fan Of Socks

Billy is not a fan of socks. Nope. Doesn't want them.

I put them on his feet this morning. He ripped them off. I put them back on. He ripped them right off again. He went to bed last night with socks on. I woke him this morning and he had both socks in his hand. When I came home from work late tonight the remnants of Billy's dislike were littered on the kitchen floor. Sockless baby. That's my Billy.

He had a quiet day today, most of which I missed. He was sleepy so I had to wake him and we were late to daycare. I worked until after his bedtime. All I can say is, he had a mostly sockless day.

Billy, president of the sockless club.

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