Sunday, December 11, 2011

December 11, 2011 ~ Teething. Keeping Parents Awake Since 1949 (bc!)

I have to make this brief, since Billy is crying in his crib. I can't get him to settle for more than a few minutes- just long enough to boot up my computer- before he starts crying again.

He noticed me at the coffee table with my feet propped up, which I shouldn't do, but I live here, dammit. So, he was sitting on the old little stool that I found yesterday. It's very tiny, less than a foot square and fairly sturdy. I pulled it up to the coffee table and served him his snack there. He ate and then propped his feet up like Mommy. The funny thing is that the stool is lower than the coffee table. He has to hold on so as to not fall over.

We were watching football today with Grandpop and Uncle Alex. When we all cheered Billy put both arms straight in the air and said "Toe Doe!" Actually, it was only a very good play, but hey, he's getting it. Let's hope the Ravens have a lot of Toe Does next week.

Ok, he's screaming now. Off to sooth,

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