Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December 13, 2011 ~ Eye Boogies

It's insult to injury today. On top of still being sick with that nasty disease that drove us to the ER last week, now he has a clogged tear duct. The result is a crusty, boogie eye that looks like Pink Eye, only the whites of the eye remain pink and he's not contagious. On top of the crusties, it itches him badly, so he's rubbing it and making the skin around his eye very pink and raw.

I decided to try to make a better dinner tonight than he normally gets. However, not having made it recently, I underestimated the amount of time it would take me to make it. I also underestimated how cranky and impatient my toddler could be. By 15 minutes into the dinner process he had fully immersed himself in the dog water, despite the war zone of toys on the kitchen floor. He cried, stamped his feet and carried on to try to get my attention with his bad behavior. The thing is, I had raw chicken, so I wasn't about to pick him up with raw chicken cooties all over my hands.

By the time I finished cooking, he was so tired that he didn't want to eat. So off to bed with no complaints, earlier than his actual bedtime.

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