Friday, November 2, 2012

November 2, 2012 ~ The Ongoing Buddy Saga

This is Buddy.

This is the only post-op photo I have of Buddy on my camera. I have a few on my phone.

Last month Buddy had a cancerous tumor removed. So, as follow up we had an appointment with an oncologist. It happened to be on Halloween, but I'm still ranting over it- so here goes.

There are three options. 1.) surgery- the vet told me that no more skin could safely be removed from the area and that they did not get it all, but that more surgery was not an option. The oncologist disagreed and wanted to do another surgery. 2.) radiation- a three week course with temporary discomfort followed by a slim chance of major complications later. 3.) chemo- 6-8 months of being sick and unhappy with a 50/50 chance.

Okay, sure. Whatever it takes to save the Bud. Can't put a price on a family member, can you.

Yes I can.

The oncologist wanted to do a battery of tests right then and there, to the tune of 1400. Yes, that's right. Those were just the tests. Haven't even gotten to the treatment yet.

Then there's the cost of treatment. Surgery- 2400, radiation-6500 and chemo-5500. Don't forget to add the price of the tests for a final price of 4000-10000 for starters, barring any complications.

All this on a dog about to turn 12. Really?

Listen, I love my dog. So much. Billy loves him more than the world. That's his best friend. But the treatment costs for an old dog are just excessive. I want him happy and healthy. And if I can't get both, I'll settle for happy. He's not going to be happy about being treated. As proof of how much he hated the oncologist visit, he pooped on the sofa. Twice. In the same day. Yup. (I didn't even think he could get up on the sofa anymore.)

He will get a slim chance with a medication, that I plan on using, but I just have to rant about the price to give medical aid to man's best friend. And the worst part was that the prices for the same tests on humans are half the cost or less.

Someone suggested I do a fundraiser to help with the medical costs. But as I pointed out, in the wake of the tragedy that is Sandy, any money raised in a fundraiser needs to go to the victims of the storm. There are children tonight that are homeless and hungry and stuck in shelters. There are families without homes and cars and livelihoods. There are pets displaced and lost by the storm. There are people suffering. Really suffering. I can't ask people to help save an old dog, when so many people need immediate help.

So, Buddy will get some treatment and lots of extra treats.

Don't cry for Buddy. He's a good old dog that has led a good long life and won't leave us in the immediate future. Cry for the people of the East Coast. They're the ones that need it tonight.

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