Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 30, 2012 ~ So Long, Sandy

Well, we weathered the storm without any damage. It's true. We didn't even lose power. Wait, what? Didn't lose power??? Nope. That's a first. It flickered and blinked and continues to do so as crew work on neighboring lines, but we never lost power.

Perhaps the scariest was the howling of the wind, banging noisily on the outside of our house. That was Monday night. We saw neighbors shingles blowing through our yard and the wind pulled the siding off of the neighbor's house.

By Tuesday there was only drizzle left.

We were shocked. We were stunned. We were thankful. But really, we were let down. All that prepping. A camping lantern on every table. The heat turned up so make a buffer for when the power went out. Coolers prepped and ready and homemade ice ready to fill the coolers and keep the food. Bottles and bags of water on the counter ready for loss of water. We were ready.

As a show of solidarity to our harder hit neighbors to the north, we should have at least lost power. At least for fifteen minutes. Nope.

And work? A couple of inches of water in the street, but no major flooding. And it made the news for those few inches. Lame.

Stop showing inches and start showing the beaches, New Jersey, New York.

Here, though, it was a grateful let down.

But it did scare Billy. He was scared. He refused to sleep on Monday night. The wind and rain were so loud that he just cried in fear. "Are you scared?" I asked him. (Sometimes he won't sleep just because. "Big storm, Mommy."

I told him about the 'Big Storm'. Better he understand than not. It was all over the news. He wanted to go out and play but couldn't. He was missing school and didn't know why. And let's be honest, a big storm is scary to a little guy. But the wind subsided and he drifted off to sleep.

Now that it's over he likes to talk about it.

Billy has some wise words for you all about hurricanes:

"Don't touch Big Storm. It bites."

Our hearts and prayers go out to the people hardest hit by Sandy.

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