Friday, November 2, 2012

November 1, 2012 ~ Lollipop, Lollipop

Do you remember the old song from way back when, "Lollipop?"

Well, as a treat Billy got to have one piece of candy when he got home from school. He selected a lollipop. This prompted me to break out into song. Only, I couldn't remember anything other than the chorus. Nevertheless, I belted it out off-key for him.

Billy laughed and asked, "Again?"

After a few more "agains" I remembered the new-fangled technology in my pocket and broke out my handy-dandy iPhone. Youtube quickly found for me a video of the original group singing the song live. In black and white, of course.

So, I turned it on and played it for Billy.

It was magical. Suddenly, the off-key song Mommy was singing was transformed into a fabulous song with musical back-up being sung for him right there in our kitchen. It was awe.some.

He insisted I play it over and over again. The first couple of times he just watched, mesmerized. Then he broke out into dance. He danced with his lollipop, singing Lollipop to the song Lollipop.

I'll post video later.

Oh yeah, another reason this is his favorite song- apple pie. What's better than a song that talks about lollipops and apple pie?

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