Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 29, 2012 ~ Buddy and the Balloon

This story is from Saturday, but since yesterday was pretty boring (minus the whole superstorm thing) I'll write about the balloon story...

Billy was playing with one of his birthday balloons, still inflated, although not floating anymore. It was a green regular balloon, not one of those mylar ones. And he was throwing it up in the air and chasing it around.

Well, Buddy decided to join in the fun and nosed the balloon down the hallway. I gave it a good kick back into the living room.

Just then Buddy jumped up in the air, bring the balloon down and then, with a growl the balloon popped!

Oh no!

Billy was devastated- for a moment. Then we played with the other balloon still around, only this time Buddy was not allowed to play. Buddy got a ten second time out and then had to apologize to Billy by giving him a hug. Billy accepted the apology.

Then Billy went on to retell, only a thousand times, the story of Buddy and the Balloon.

"Buddy, no bite Billy balloon," he kept saying.

Then I'd ask him what happened.

"Buddy jump. Then Buddy bite balloon. 'Haaaaaaaaaaaum!' (that would be his impression of the sound). Then pop! 'Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaum!'"

Over and over again. And laughing after each retelling.

He's still retelling the tale of Buddy and the Balloon. Apparently, it's epic.

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