Saturday, July 7, 2012

Product Review ~ Little Tikes 3-1 Trike

This trike may have been one of the best investments we've made so far in the toy department.

We bought it for our son's first birthday. At first, we used it with the solid harness with the seat belt and sun shade. But we found that to be a bit clunky. So we removed it soon after and have been using it with the handle.

He loves to go for bike rides, which consist of me walking and pushing the bike around.ut he feels like he's in the drivers seat and gets to hold on to the handle bars and put his feet on the pedals.

We call it the Green Piece of Awesome because it really is.

The model here has lights and sounds, but ours does not come with that feature.

Here's this year's model in blue:

My only complaints are that the handle is loose from wear and cannot be fixed at this point. But we've used it a lot and wear and tear will do that to any toy. We have also had a problem with our son dislodging the bucket in the back. He pushes down on it and it pops off, resulting in bumps and bruises. The bucket snaps on, so enough force will cause it to snap off. It's only a hazard with an industrious child.

All in all this is the only toy that our son will consistently ask to play with day in and day out. Whether I'm pushing him around, or he's pushing Pooh Bear around, it's definitely a favorite.

And it's a lot more fun than a simple stroller!

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