Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2, 2012 ~ Water, Water Everywhere!

Ok, so a month ago when Billy tried out the pool for the first time this year he hated it. No really. I mean, he loves to be down by the pool, just not in the pool. I could live with this. A healthy dose of fear of the water? Yeah, I can definitely deal.

Scratch that.

Billy is in love with water. Maybe because it's outside? I don't know.

We took Billy down to the river for the first time this year. Buddy joined in for the watery fun. That's Buddy's green Wubba in the background, which Billy thought was most excellent for throwing to Buddy. Who doesn't love to see dogs swimming? Especially Buddy. He waddles when he swims. I don't know how he manages this but it's a definite waddle. And combined with the poofy hair that seems to become a balloon around him...well, it's humorous. Billy thinks so.

Billy couldn't get enough of the river. He had to go in several times. And Mommy had to get in. Every time. But he had a blast and now has no fear of the water.

We even went to the pool.

And that would be No Fear Billy jumping into the water from the top step. Yup. He thinks he's a fish. He thinks he's Nemo. Well, he does have Nemo on his swim diapers... He actually tried to breathe water while sitting on the step. That didn't work out so well, you know, not being a fish and all. But he didn't care. Jumping into the water was super fun.

I think this new love of the water has to be related to the river. Wait! I'll prove it:

This picture is from a year ago. The river was his favorite place to be last summer. I can't blame him.

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