Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 3, 2012 ~ How To Eat Chicken ~ The Billy Method

Well, today at daycare he cried because I didn't send any yogurt. I'm not exactly sure why the tears today. I haven't sent yogurt in close to a month. Mostly because I forgot to buy new yogurt when I was at the store, not because I'm changing his diet.

So, after school we ran to the store to buy yogurt and I picked up dinner while I was there.

We got home and Billy was starving. Par for the course with him and the grocery store. It's kind of like "water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink" for him. I ALWAYS bring snacks with me to the store for him. We won't survive otherwise.

So, I sat him down to a nice plate of chicken with peas, a cup of blueberry yogurt and a big boy cup of milk. This, by the way, was the first time he ever had milk from a big boy cup. You know what? He didn't spill it! Put a win in the Mommy column!

Well, the yogurt being the thing he was craving today was, of course, the first thing he went for. I always give him two spoons with yogurt. Otherwise he ends up with yogurt from head to toe. He double-fists his yogurt, so it's two spoons or the hands are going in the cup too. But, eventually he gave up on the spoons and shoved his hands into the cup anyway. Then he realized that there were these blue things in the yogurt. Uh oh.


"No, honey. Those are blueberries."

"No melon?"

I didn't have any melon. Oops. So, he plucked out each and every blueberry from the yogurt and handed each and every blueberry to me for disposal. You know, they weren't melon. They had to go.

Then it was on to the drumstick. Clearly, the way to eat a drumstick is bone end first. We had a minor argument about the fact that you can't eat the bone. Maybe I should have picked the chicken for him. But where's the fun in that? Drumsticks were my favorite as a kid and I am bound and determined to make him eat them.

He took one bite. Chewed it awhile. Spit it out. Yucky.

Me? I would just not eat the chicken if I didn't want it. What did Billy do? Well, if it doesn't taste good as chicken then eat it another way!

Billy opted to dip his chicken into the blueberry yogurt. Then he covered the yogurty end in cheerios and peas and nommed away. Eating chicken ~ the Billy Method.

He offered me some, but you know, I just had to pass. Saving it all for him.

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