Friday, July 6, 2012

July 6, 2012 ~ Spider On Your Nose!

We sat to watch the storms... nature's fireworks... and Billy invented a new game.

Spider On Your Nose!

He pinched his fingers together and wiggled them and came after my nose singsonging "Pie-duh! Pie-duh! Pie-duh!" I did it back to him and he giggled.

The whole storm he "Spider On Your Nosed" between lightning strikes.

He even joked with me about "No Mommy, no pie-duh." and then would stick his hand back on my nose and say, "yes pie-duh!"

This is the first game that I know of where he pretended like this and named it. I'm going to Mommy-tout and be proud of this developmental leap, minor as it is.

Better watch out... there's a Spider On Your Nose!

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