Monday, July 9, 2012

July 8, 2012 ~ Cookie, Please?

This morning when I got up Daddy was giving Billy his breakfast. Daddy had just given Billy a cookie for breakfast. Not just any cookie... a Berger's cookie.

(These are Daddy's kryptonite. He can't resist them. It's his weakness. Ok, they are super yummy and summer isn't the same without them. And if you don't know what they are, heaven in cookie form is good description. A shortbread cookie with 2 tablespoons of fudge on top? YUM!)

So, Billy ate his cookie and then said, with his best puppy-dog face:

"More cakey puh-leeeease!"

He calls cookies "cakeys". Surprisingly, not that far off the mark...

Well, it was so cute Daddy couldn't resist and split a cookie with Billy. Billy gobbled it up and repeated:

"More cakey puh-leeeease!"

Well, cuteness doesn't mean ruining your breakfast. Mommy had to step in and say no more cookies. Billy was confused.

"All gone? Where go?"

So Daddy told him that Buddy ate all of the cookies. (Which is not true and never feed chocolate to a dog. Even if I did have a dog long ago that ate an entire box of these cookies by herself and the ran up the wall to the ceiling and bounced for two days.)

Billy was sad for a second and then nommed on his cheerios and melon. But by the end of his actual breakfast he was really hankering for another piece of cookie.

"Cakey? Please?"

"No more cookies," we both chimed in.

Then Billy pointed an incriminating finger at Buddy. "All gone," he accused. "Buddy, no, no. All gone." He wagged his finger and gave Buddy his best serious face.

Poor Buddy, guilty of being innocent.

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