Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Sunday Post ~ Fridge Farm Review

This little toy is a winner in our house. It's a magnetic barn that allows your child to mix and match barnyard animals. Pressing on the animals plays their noises, tell you facts about them and sings silly songs about the animals. Another button plays a variety of classic American folk songs.

This toy is great for just playing with magnets, but also is a great learning tool. All of the pieces are magnetic, so you can play right on your fridge door with the different animal parts, mixing and matching. Each animal is a different bright color and the talking portion of the toy tells you the color of each animal.

"Purple cow, orange horse, yellow duck..."

You don't need a fridge to play with the farm. The magnetic pieces stick to the inside of the barn and it has a handy handle for carrying it around. However, it doesn't have a carrying case and since it has so many pieces, it's not the easiest to move from place to place. But it's great right on the fridge, so there's no need to carry it around.

The pieces are difficult for very young children to stick in the barn, but they are shaped specifically for kids to learn how to properly insert them so that the pieces will talk and sing.

Personally, I love this toy. It keeps my kid entertained while I'm cooking dinner. If he gets bored, I just press the music button and we sing along to the old folk songs. He loves it too. Every time we walk in the kitchen he goes straight for it and dances along to the music and calls out the colors.

It's the perfect combination of play and learn. And since the pieces all stick to the fridge, there's never any clean up!

Check out the product.

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