Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 15, 2012 ~ Thunder and Ah-la-las

Yesterday we were not home and were out with a party cooking outdoors (more on that tomorrow). Big old thunder clouds were rolling around, threatening our dinner fun. But with each low, distant rumble Billy would look up at me expectantly, "dunder more?"

Eventually, we ran out of passing storms and there was no more "dunder". But we did get some rain showers. So, Billy got to eat part of his dinner under an umbrella. He thought that was extra cool. It was just the one I carry in my car, nothing special, although it does have designs on it. He was super impressed with the umbrella and wanted to hold it, but alas, it's bigger than him.

So today at the pool he started pointing. "Mommy, ah-la-las!" What the heck was he talking about? So I started looking around and trying to figure out what he could possibly be pointing to. Oh. Ah-la-la. Umbrella. He was pointing to an awning, but there were other umbrellas around of the same color. The awning just happened to be the closest. Now he wants his own ah-la-la.

And, of course, hanging out at the pool under the ah-la-las I saw storm clouds rolling across the sky. Still aways off, but we headed home anyway. It wasn't too long before the wind kicked up and I knew we were in for it.

What to do?

Pull up a comfy spot on the couch on our deck and watch of course! Billy huddled right next to me, fearlessly asking for more dunder. "Boom?" Then it started raining heavily. And the dunder got really loud.

"Mommy, inshide." He was scared. Really scared.

It was just a lil old thunderstorm but I took him in anyway and we looked out the window. Just then the power flickered and went out. He was SPOOKED. With each loud boom he clung to me tighter. Poor guy. Couldn't even go to bed until it was over because he was so scared. Fearless Billy, cowed by rain and dunder.

Better stay under that ah-la-la.

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