Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 17, 2012 ~ The Potty

Forgive me for keeping this short, but I'm working on 3 hours sleep...

Yesterday Billy came up to me and he said, "Mommy, poop! No Elmo!" and pulled at his diaper. Elmo might be a cute and cuddly monster, but because his face is all over Billy's diapers, Elmo also means diaper.

"Do you need a new diaper?" I ask. I'm going to get him one anyway, but I like confirmation from him. At this point I'm expecting a smelly present.

"No, potty!" and does the "pee dance" for me.

Okay, let's head off to the potty. We've been practicing the whole potty ritual. He thinks it's fascinating- for other people to use the potty. He'll hold it until I stick a diaper on his bum. So, I take him into his little potty chair in the bathroom and strip him from the waist down.

He commences sitting on the potty chair and scrunches up his face, turning red. Is he going to do it? Is he?


He got so excited that he popped up to check out the damage in the little plastic duck potty. But it was empty. So he hopped back on and scrunched up his face again. Nothing. Hopped up to check. Yep, nothing. Maybe it's the chair, he decides.

"Big potty?" He points and wants to sit on the real toilet.


Scrunched face. No results. It's not the potty.

But he still got two M&Ms as a reward. Listen, a fart counts. It came out the back end. It counts. So, I am officially calling this the first potty success.

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