Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16, 2012 ~ Eating Aunt Sally

Today Mommy gave me Aunt Sally for dinner. Mommy said she ate most of Aunt Sally for lunch, but saved the best for me to have for dinner. Boy was it yummy. I had two forks going trying to each as much of Aunt Sally as I could. But I got full, so Mommy saved the rest of Aunt Sally for me to have for lunch tomorrow. Yum! I can't wait.


Today I gave Billy tikki masala for dinner. I ate most of it for lunch, but saved some for Billy to have for dinner. He loves it- it's one of his favorites. He was shoveling it into his mouth so fast that he needed two forks. He couldn't eat it all though, so he'll be enjoying tikki masala for lunch tomorrow too.

Yes, that's right. Billy's attempt to pronounce tikki masala came out "Aunt Sally". So, according to Billy, he ate Aunt Sally for dinner. Add that to the "things kids say" list.

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