Thursday, February 2, 2012

February 2, 2012 ~ Billy's First Chore

That's right. Starting yesterday we gave Billy his first chore. He was so excited when we told him. "Billy, go feed the dog his breakfast." That was followed by a blur of toddler wrapped in a hooded pooh towel barreling towards the kitchen screaming, "ah ah ah ah!" (translation: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!)

He is now required to feed Buddy both breakfast and dinner, with a little help of course. Here's how it has gone both days with both meals:

"Billy, please feed Buddy."

Billy ecstatically opens the dog food container and picks up the scooper (a plastic mug). Then he bangs the mug against the dog food. When the dog food refuses to jump into the mug of its own volition Billy turns to me inquiringly.

"Here, let me help you."

I make him hold the mug while I help scoop dog food up and fill it to the brim.

"Billy, go put it in the bowl, please."

Billy carries the mug towards Buddy's bowl, a mere three feet, and manages to spill at least a third of the contents. This is when Buddy the Vacuum jumps in and scarfs down every morsel dancing across the kitchen floor.

"Uh, oh," Billy says.

"It's ok. Go put the food in the dog bowl, please."

Billy crouches down and shakes the mug over the bowl. Some of the pieces make it into the bowl and about the same amount join their already escaped friends on the floor. Then Billy stands up with the mug still half full and heads back to the container.

"No, honey. Put all of it in the dog bowl, please."

He goes back over to the bowl, crouches, and shakes the mug again. Then he remembers to tip the mug so the contents fall out. Some make it into the bowl, about the same amount unite with the remainder of their freed brethren on the floor. Buddy continues to hunt down each and every piece.

"Billy, help pick up the pieces that fell out, please."

Billy pushes Buddy away from the dog bowl and picks up the pieces one at a time and put them in the bowl. By this time Buddy is doing something akin to the "pee dance" trying to get to his food. Once Billy gets every last piece into the bowl he then feels that the dog food needs to be leveled out and goes about doing so with his hands. Once it is leveled it then requires mixing, so he picks up a handful and then puts it back in and levels again. Rinse. Repeat.

"Ok, that's enough. Please go put the mug back in the container and close the lid."

Billy jumps up, completely forgetting the bowl and runs over to the container, sticks the mug in and closes the lid.

"Can you lock it please?" It has a locking handle to make it air tight.

He locks it, then unlocks it. Then he pops the lid open and goes for the mug again.

"No, no. One meal is enough. Thanks!"

Billy looks disheartened for a split second and then tears off into the den to get a toy.

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