Sunday, January 29, 2012

January 29, 2012 ~ Sofas, Balls and Embankments

Yesterday, my Uncle came to get the sofa so we pulled ours out of storage. Our sofa is 25% bigger than the one that had been in our den, so we had to totally rearrange the room. Billy is not a fan.

The coffee table and his stools are in opposite locations. He's used to looking at the tv and gripping with his left. But when he did that today he fell over because the tv is now on his right. He did it twice before he gave up. The ottoman is over by an end table in the same location where the old sofa had been and he decided he'd rather be over there. I guess it's more comfortable.

It's also a different style of sofa. The old one had a hard back. He used to peer over the back of the sofa for fun. But the new sofa has a low back with lots of pillows. So when Billy tried to lean against the back he nearly tumbled on his head. He did that twice before he gave up.

And his play area is a completely different configuration too. I he took all of his toys out of the play area and over to the wood floor, where the configuration is still the same. He would not play on the carpet where he used to.

It's ok. He'll figure it out. But it's new and strange and he's just not used to it.

He had a good day though. He played with lots of bouncing balls on the wood floor. He even threw Buddy's ball for him several times. And, of course, every time he threw a ball he had to shout "baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal". It's very similar to Pro Soccer "Goooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaal." Just like that.

Billy also got a Daddy day. After his nap Daddy took Billy to the NCR trail with his tricycle for a walk. Billy sent Daddy on a wild adventure when Billy chucked a toy down an embankment along the river. Then Daddy took him to the diner for dinner. They got home just in time for bed.

It was my official day off, although you wouldn't be able to tell. I did four loads of laundry, packed for our move, cleaned, etc. The whole day was spent doing chores. I did break briefly to look at the internet, but a Mommy's job is never done, even if she is on break.

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