Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 30, 2012 ~ Over Under Sockscapade

Today while Billy was running around playing his socks fell off. He grabbed his socks and hid between the sofa and the coffee table. I guess he didn't want Mommy's help because he started trying to get his socks on his feet in his little hiding spot. I watched through the legs of the coffee table as he attempted to slap his socks onto his feet. Then he tried rubbing them on.

Before he got frustrated about the socks he realized he had an audience. I was looking at him under the coffee table. So he looked up over the coffee table. Then I looked at him over the coffee table. Then he looked at me under the coffee table. And I looked at him under the coffee table. He thought this was just too funny and laughed and laughed. It went on for more than ten minutes.

It ended when the tickle monster went after his bare foot. He jerked it away and then stuck it right back in my hand to tickle again. I got him in stitches before he crawled out to give me a big hug.

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