Saturday, December 24, 2011

December 23, 2011 ~ iBaby ~ ABCs to Vivaldi

I picked up Billy a little early from daycare today, since work closed early. He didn't want to leave. He was having way to much fun with the toys at daycare. So we visited a little with his teachers while he finished playing with the toys there.

They told me that he loves to sing and dance. Sing? Sing??? Now, I've seen Billy dance. It's a combination of a twist, wiggle and sway totally off-beat. He loves music and will start dancing to let me know that he wants me to play music for him. Sure, I know he loves to dance. But sing? Wait a minute... he's hardly talking.

Apparently, he can sing the ABCs. Daddy and I tried to get him to sing the ABCs for us at home tonight. We tried over and over, off-key, to hear him sing. Nope, shut up like a clam. Hmm... hoax? We'll see.

He was fussy today so I gave him my ipod. He's pretty savvy with the ipod. He played Vivaldi over and over. He accidentally pulled up top 40 dance hit and rocked a little bit to it, but then found Vivaldi again and really started swaying and giggling. We listened to Vivaldi all night.

First Christmas cookie.

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