Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December 21, 2011 ~ Of Monkeys and Billys

If you read my blog on a regular basis, then you already know that I worked until 6am this morning (on my day off yesterday!). So I apologize for being very sleepy while writing this post.

We're shooting a commercial with a monkey. Literal, not figurative. The chimp is a teenager named Chandler, about the same size as Billy. That chimp has been keeping me from my son.

I got a little bit of sleep before my alarm clock woke me up. When you're a mom your alarm clock doesn't come with an off switch. Nope. My alarm clock requires a diaper change, breakfast, and continues to scream louder and louder until he gets it.

I decided to let him play a bit before daycare today, just to get some Mommy time. He chased Buddy around with animal crackers and poked at the tree ornaments. Mommy drank her coffee while Billy chased the dog around.

This evening Daddy took Billy Christmas shopping for a snow suit with gloves and boots. He loves to be outside, so we need to be prepared for the weather. I have been to all of the department stores around me, including the baby stores, and nobody had snow suits for toddlers. Daddy ended up at an outdoor shop, on of his favorites, and came back with a lovely (albeit very expensive) snow suit set.

Uncle Alex also came over this evening. His college has closed down for the holidays and he needs a place to stay until his car is fixed. So, Uncle Alex will be living with us until his car is fixed, or until Grandpop picks him up to take him home (which is not nearby).

Billy was super excited about Uncle Alex's laptop. I tried to get him to play with his own laptop (thanks G!), but having played with the real thing, he shoved his little red one right back in my face. Nope, the real thing is the cool thing. Somehow, I don't think Santa will be bringing my little one an actual laptop for Christmas. SO, when Uncle Alex leaves, he'll have to survive with his little baby laptop.

He was all wound up and stayed up past bedtime to play with Uncle Alex. However, Mommy insisted on bed. And now Mommy insists on going to bed herself.

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