Monday, December 19, 2011

December 18, 2011 ~ Billy Made Santa Cry!

Today was the momentous day. We went to see the Big Man In Red.

Now, I've been prepping Billy for a week for this trip to see Santa. I've been telling him all about the presents. I bought him a copy of The Night Before Christmas and have been reading it to him. We even checked out his stocking, hung by the chimney with care.

We waited until after his nap to take him to see the Big Man, hoping to catch him in the best mood. Unfortunately, he's not sleeping well with this nasty cough (neither is Mommy!) and has been crabby all day. When we got there a big line stretched down the mall and we had to wait. Daddy took Billy into a toy store while Mommy waited in the long line.

Just before us a cute baby girl sat on Santa's lap. She wasn't so sure, but finally the photographer and Santa got her to giggle and what a photo op. The next kid was maybe six or seven, an old pro at snapping the photo with a big smile to get to the important part- making sure Santa knew what he wanted. Then it was Billy's turn.

I tucked in his shirt and carried him over to Santa. So far, so good. We had a nice little chat with Santa about procedure, since he's used to the young ones having difficulties. Then I turned Billy over to jolly old St. Nick.

But as it turns out, jolly old St. Nick isn't so jolly. Nope, he's downright scary.

All that crying made Santa cry too!

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