Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Sunday Post ~ Eat Dessert First

I'm sure that you've heard the age old adage that you should eat dessert first because life is short. Seems indulgent, and while you've probably thought about it, I bet you rarely follow through.

But here's a thought: Serve your kids dessert first.

What! Whoa! That's crazy talk!

Think about it, though.

You fix a nice meal that your kids pick at while squirming, waiting for dessert. Then, after they're in a food coma, you pump them full of sugar just before bedtime.

So think about it.

Serve your kids a small scoop of ice cream before dinner. Maybe even while you're fixing dinner. It's the perfect opportunity to seem indulgent- but what you're really doing is indulging yourself. Because instead of a sugar induced pre-bed frenzy, your child eats dinner during the sugar rush and ends with the food coma.

Putting my kids to bed when they're already in a food coma? Whoa, that really is crazy talk!

The trick is portion control. Clearly, you still want them to eat a healthy meal. But there is room for both dessert and dinner in that little belly and the order doesn't really matter.

So switch it up. Life is short, after all. Your kids will think you're the best parent in the world.

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