Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 15, 2013 ~ In the Wake...

In the wake of today's tragedy (and let's not talk about that, since it's all anyone is talking about) it got me thinking.

They shut down the cell towers, blocking communication, closed the metro and I'm sure the streets- if not closed, were gridlock. I work downtown. Therefore, were something to happen in my town, God forbid, how would I get to Billy?

It's a new world we live in.

I need a plan. Daddy and I need a plan. And that plan needs to include how to get Billy from daycare and rendezvous some place safe.

Everyone should have a plan. If there's anything that tsunamis, earthquakes and bombings teach us is that we need to be prepared. I'm not talking doomsday prepper prepared.

Here's what my plan is going to consist of:

1.) getting in touch with Daddy and with daycare
2.) picking a rendezvous spot and meeting there, even if it takes hours for us all to arrive
3.) gather supplies in the event that we need to flee farther
4.) contact nearby relatives to check on their status

IF phone lines are down we need to know some of these details ahead of time.

Be prepared. Make a plan. I'm going to.

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